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The Addictions Academy is Accredited by CCE, Continuing Coach Education.

The Addictions Academy is Accredited by CCE, Continuing Coach Education.

Recovery Coach Certification and Training Course

Are you ready to help others and turn your passion into a profit? Want more freedom, more income and more time to spend with your family?  We have the class for you! Our Certified Recovery Coach class and full addiction coach training program will assist you in building a practice that helps others overcome their alcohol addictions and drug addictions and provides you additional income and freedom to enjoy more time with your family.

The Big myth is that you need years of schooling or mountains of debt to become a certified addiction recovery coach. YOU DON’T!  You don’t need to be a certified drug and alcohol counselor to  be a Certified Recovery Coach. Learn from the most successful celebrity addictions coach,  whom the media has labeled ‘The Female Dr. Drew’! Our program will provide you  the most comprehensive recovery life coach and sober coach training on the market and contains the most essential life coaching skills and certified coach training on the market.

We also understand that once you are certified and trained you need clients. We have you covered with our ‘Business Starter Bundle” on how to get clients and produce an income for yourself. We have a full marketing class, with all the forms and contracts you need to get legal and build a business. We also have a job board for potential hire.